Such marvelous creatures, we humans! We live passionately, create brilliantly, rise to heroic heights. Our accomplishments are astonishing. We are indeed a remarkable race.

And yet . . .

Something about us is horribly broken. Busted. Just plain wrong.

You can’t watch the news for five minutes and deny it. Genocides, human trafficking, environmental destruction, the endless cycle of atrocity and revenge . . . the best in us is corrupted by the worst in us. And we don’t have what it takes to fix ourselves. If we did, we’d have done so long ago.

There’s a word for our condition: sin. It’s as relevant as today’s headlines,
       or the neighbor who abuses his wife,
       or the fifth-grader who cheats on a test,
       or the vitriol on Facebook.

Where does it all come from? Sin goes deeper than moral failures. It’s a negative force within us, and it’s ours by nature. Some of us express it outrageously, others subtly, but all of us inevitably. That’s what it means to be a sinner. And no one’s exempt.

Including you. See Nobody’s Perfect. [Insert link]