II. Embedded Information in the Bible

Every detail in the Bible is there by design, not by happenstance. Not just the story, the info, but every word, every letter even. The design is so constructed that it ONLY could have come from outside human ability – that is, from God. A few examples of embedded codes, of deeper meanings encrypted in the Bible:

A. Meaning beyond the stated message.
Genesis 5 “just a genealogy”? No, it conceals the message of salvation:
adam – man (is)
seth - appointed
enosh - mortal
kenan - sorrow
mahalalel – blessed God
jared – shall come down
enoch - teaching
methuselah – his death shall bring
lamech – the despairing
noah – comfort/rest

B. Equidistant letter sequence.
This particular kind is worth studying. You can embed a “secret” message in text using this simple code. Examples:

1. Look near the end of Genesis – God encrypts into this story of the life of Joseph the genealogy of Jesus Christ! Huh? Yes.
49 letters … Boaz. 49 letters ...Ruth. 49 letters …
Obed. 49 letters … Jesse. 49 letters … David.
Who could have done this but God! In chronological order, before they were ever thought of!
Something like 500 years before Boaz was born! The “Designer” had to be outside of the physical limitations of time and space!

2. Genesis 2 has encrypted the names of all 25 trees found throughout the Bible!

3. Isaiah 53 has encrypted the names of those AT the cross!

And such embedding of information happens all through Scripture!

C. “Heptadic structure of the Bible”

[taken from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8hOKA9fR2p4 ]

Sevens in the Bible
“Sevens” (‘hepta’) occur in about 700 passages in the Bible. Some are overt, some hidden, but they are so intrinsic to the Bible that they could be called “The Signature of God.” Just one example:
Try writing a genealogy (fairly simple and repetitive structurally) where the following 9 conditions are true:
* number of words a multiple of 7
* number of letters used a multiple of 7
* number of vowels
* number of consonants
* unique words
* nouns
* proper names
* male names
* generations … number of each one is a multiple of 7.

All this is true of the genealogy (in Greek) in Matthew 1! The chances of this happening randomly are phenomenally high – so large as to be statistically impossible. Just for the 9 conditions above, it would be one chance in 40 million, which would take a person almost 4000 years to do, even with the help of a super computer. But there are actually 34 of these conditions = over 1 x 10 27. This is well over the threshold of “statistical impossibility,” and so this could not happen by randomness.

Dr. Ivan Panin, Russian graduate of Harvard, came to Christ and spent the rest of his life (50 years) on this Heptadic Structure, proving that the properties of the Torah depend on God giving it letter by letter to Moses.

D. Chuck Missler and “The Boundaries of Reality” series

Just go to YouTube and type in “Chuck Missler Beyond...” to find these lectures.
Beyond Space and Time – Theory of Relativity and other discoveries on the Biblical view of our origin, existence, and destiny
Beyond Coincidence – Evidences of design, the Anthropic Principle, the Signature in the Cell, and other constants coded in the Scriptures
Beyond Perception – Particle physics, quantum mechanics, and the quest for understanding our physical reality

Missler’s basic premise is that it is provable – beyond statistical probability, beyond logic, beyond any doubt – that the book we call the Bible came from BEYOND the human sphere. “It is,” as Missler is fond of saying,” an extra-terrestrial Book.”

Being a scientist of the old school, Missler uses many examples, complete with the math, to prove that the Bible could possibly be a book written only by men. He also proves how impossible it is that amino acids could come into being as evolutionists say they did, that various other accepted “scientific” fallacies could possibly be true, and so forth. If you want solid, detailed information to answer your questions, just listen to this series.

These “fingerprints of God” are scattered throughout HIS Book. Matt 5:17-18 “not one jot or tittle shall pass from the Law until all is fulfilled”. Take the text seriously. What the text says – in its original language – is without doubt the WORD of God – literally!

For all of Chuck Missler’s wonderful study materials, including his book Cosmic Codes, go to https://www.khouse.org/ . For his article on Bible Codes, “Deciphering the Bible,” go to https://www.khouse.org/articles/1997/17/