Why Should I Learn From Christian Hypocrites?
Michael Wittmer, Ph.D., Professor of Systematic & Historical Theology provides clear and understandable answers to today’s difficult questions often in two minutes or less.

Christians are often hypocrites, and you would be wise never to put your absolute trust in what they say! Shocked? You shouldn’t be. God never says, “Put your trust in Christians.” That is never part of the “highway to heaven”! No, a wise God never rests anyone’s salvation on imperfect humans.

Christians can be hypocrites. We Christians may have good intentions, but we also have motives driving us that sometimes are not pure, not perfect. Or we may talk a good talk but fail to walk a perfect walk. If you put your eyes on Christians, you will surely catch us doing something we shouldn’t do or failing to do something we should. We all have dark corners. Remember -no one is perfect... except Jesus.He is the only Man who has never sinned. He has never spoken a lie or expressed a hypocritical phrase. He is truly perfect.

That’s why God says, “Put your trust in Jesus Christ.” He is the only one who will never fail you. He is the only One who not only talked perfect talk but walked a perfect walk on this world. I challenge you to read the source documents –at least the first four books of the New Testament –and then decide whether Jesus proved Himself trust-worthy.

Most people never do this.They proclaim that Christianity is false... without ever reading what Christianity truly is. Christianity is not what the media says it is. It isnot what its detractors say it is. It isn’t even (only) what its proponents say it is. It is what God says it is. And that can be found in the Bible, not in popular culture. If you haven’t read the Bible, you cannot even recognize when people (even Christian people) say things that deviate from the Truth.

Now, having confessed that many Christians are hypocrites, I must also say that the remedy for this sad state of affairs is the same for Christians as it is for those not believing in Christ. Turn around! Turn from your sub-perfect ways, whether you have never trusted Christ Jesus or whether you claim to follow Him. Turn from any imperfection, any “missing of the mark,” any sin. Turn from it to Jesus. He alone is the remedy for our imperfections.

The fact that unbelievers use “hypocrisy” as a reason to disbelieve shows that they do not really know what Christianity is. A hypocrite is someone who spends their life pretending to be more righteous than they are. A Christian is someone who knows they have NO righteousness of their own but whose righteousness is found in Jesus Christ alone. What the Bible says, is “Every person has sinned. And every one must repent.” No exceptions, no special treatment for even one. The standard is the same for ALL –perfection. The remedy is the same for ALL –the Cross.

You only have one choice as your highway to Heaven. Jesus. Believe He died for you, and that His death fully pays for your sins. Believe in Him, follow Him, and wait for Him to come back to rule this earth some day. Trust what God says in the Bible... and the failings of people will fade from your gaze. Trust instead in the words of Him who cannot lie, and who died to set you free. “If the Son (Jesus) sets you free, you will be free indeed” (John 8:36).

Free from your doubts, free from other people’s standards, free from the fear of either present or future judgment... free indeed.

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