What About Those Who Never Heard the Gospel?


What About Those Who Never Heard the Jesus?
Michael Wittmer, Ph.D., Professor of Systematic & Historical Theology provides clear and understandable answers to today’s difficult questions often in two minutes or less.

This question actually breaks down into two other issues. [For a third, see Appendix V.]

1. You’re accusing God of not being fair. Wouldn’t God be unjust to send someone to hell unless he/she had heard the same Gospel message we have?God is never unjust. That’s a contradiction in terms. God would be perfectly just to send every single human being to hell, including those far-away, unknown people who haven’t heard the Gospel or believed on the Lord Jesus Christ. The reason this is not unfair is because every single person who ever lived deserves to go to hell when they die. We have ALL sinned and “fallen short of the glory of God” as the Bible puts it. God is perfect, absolutely, and His heaven cannot contain one speck of sin. What a problem! No sin in heaven; sin in all of us... Does this mean NONE of us go to heaven?

This is the gospel, the “Good News”: the One who would be completely just to send me to hell is the same One who Himself died to make it possible for me to escape that fate!Only the death of a perfect, sin-free Man could pay the price for my sins. When I am “in Christ,” it means that He takes the filthy rags of my life and exchanges them for His spotless “robe of righteousness”(as the Bible calls it). Wearing that robe, I may enter Heaven. That’s why we say Jesus is the ONLY “highway to heaven.

”Plus, the idea that you can judge Him is ludicrous. Does the computer question the human brain that designed it? The Lord asked Job(chapters 38 and 40),“Will the faultfinder contend with the Almighty?... Will I ask you, and you instruct Me? Will you condemn Me that you may be justified?” Your questioning God is merely you seeking to justify yourself.

2. You’re deflecting from the REAL issue. What is it to you, what God chooses to do with someone else? How does that let you avoid making the decision that’s before you?

Our tendency is to avoid a decision ourselves and ask about ‘that other guy’ who we see. “What about him? What will you do with him, God?” (see John 21:21). God basically tells us to mind our own business. “If I want him to...say, live forever ... what is that to you? You follow me” (v. 22). I am going to leave you with that same challenge. It doesn’t affect your eternity a bit, whether God saves or damns “those who’ve never heard.” Forget about them for the time being. What about YOU?is the question. Have you responded to the truths that have been presented to you? Are you really searching for the Truth, or are you just trying to show how smart you are... smarter, perhaps, than God?

What will you do with the trustworthy nature of God, the reliability of His Word, the Bible, the claims of Jesus Christ to be both God and the only Man who can save sinners? Have you acknowledged the truth of each of these things, and fallen on your face before this holy, absolutely perfect, absolutely just God? Or will you continue to question things that don’t even concern you?

Be careful. “Now is the day of salvation,” God says. There is no guarantee that tomorrow even exists for you, much less that you can be saved then. But now, today... say “YES!” to God. Believe in Jesus. Acknowledge Him as the Way, the only road that leads to Heaven. And all your questions will fade out before your joy in knowing God.

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