What If God Could Calm Your Deepest Fear?

I have a better question: What if your deepest fear isn’t deep enough?

When my kids were little, we lived on a busy street. Semi-trucks
rumbled down our four-lane road, shaking our house. I pointed to a
crack in our driveway and told my toddlers that they may never cross it
for any reason. If a ball bounces beyond it, let it go. Don’t be afraid of
losing your ball. Fear the trucks.

What is your deepest fear? Losing your marriage, your business, your
house, your health, your friend, your good name? These are real and
important fears. They matter, a lot.
The longer we live, the more balls we accumulate, and the more likely
one or more will bounce into the street. When that happens, tell God
about it. He cares about what we care about. Each ball is important to
But remember that one day we will lose all of our balls. We will die
alone, with nothing but the God we have lived for. Make sure it’s the
right one. Make sure it’s Jesus.

Jesus said the only thing we should fear is hell (Matt 10:28). Then he
removed that fear when he died on the cross. Jesus went to hell so we
don’t have to. He has calmed your greatest fear. Everything else is
child’s play.


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