What if God is Holy?

If God is holy, there is someone above our pay grade. Someone whose
shoulders are broad enough to carry the weight of this world and an
infinite number of others. Someone who dwells in unapproachable light,
a light that burns brighter than the thousands of suns he has made.

If God is holy, you can go to bed and sleep soundly, knowing that
whatever happened today did not surprise him and whatever will happen
tomorrow will not surprise him. God holds you and your situation and
your whole world in the palm of his hand. God holds every universe that
ever was in the palm of his hand. He’s got this, and he’s got you.

But here’s the thing: If God is holy, then his standard for justice, for
right and wrong, is also out of this world. It’s not good enough for us to
be as good as our neighbors. To be accepted by God, we must be as
good as God. But we can’t be, we won’t be. That’s why God sent Jesus.

Because God is holy and because God is love, He gave Jesus to die for
our sin. If we renounce our sin and throw our weight on Jesus, we are
fully and finally forgiven. Because God is holy, you can be too. Who
can comprehend this?


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