What If God Is Real?

If God is real, everything in our world is real too. The stars in the sky,
the sand on your feet, and caterpillars. All real.

If God is real, our world had a beginning. And it has a goal, an end.
History is going somewhere, and somewhere good.

If God is real, everything about your life fits into a coherent story. I’m
not saying everything is easy. I’m saying even the hardest, most painful
parts can be explained. If God is real, your life has purpose.

If God is real, the world is knowable. You can trust that your mind and
senses are working properly. If God is real, you actually know what you
think you know.

If God is real, then beauty and love exist. And they are the most
permanent, real things in our world.

RealIf God is real, there is such a thing as justice. And we can know what it
is. And pursue it.

If God is real, we never run out of hope. If God is real, this world is not
the way it’s supposed to be. It’s not the way it was when God made it,
and it’s not how it will be when his Son comes again.


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