What If God Is Speaking?

Once upon a time there was a powerful king who wrote a book about his
love for his people then passed it throughout his kingdom for all to read.
He thought a book might be better than meeting and speaking to each
person individually, because the book was a permanent message that his
people could read over and over again. He sent along his royal helper to
assist the people in reading the book and to believe what it said.

After making the rounds the royal helper returned to the king. The king
asked, “How did it go? Did they read our book? Do they know how
much I love them?”

Do you know what the royal helper said? What he said depends on me.
What he said depends on you.

You see, this is a true story. The king of the world has written a book,
and he has sent his Spirit along with it to help us with the hard parts and
to believe what he says.

I have not heard God’s audible voice, but I do hear him speak when I
read his Word. God’s book assures me of his love and tells me how to
live in the freedom and joy of his love.

God wrote a book, and he addressed it to you. Are you reading? God
still speaks. Are you listening?


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