What if God is Beautiful?

If God is beautiful, and God is real, then reality is beautiful. Your heart
might be squeezed from regular encounters with ugliness: grim swaths
of potholed asphalt; pop songs that soon grow tiresome; or formulaic
movies with predictable plots and cliched lines. You might be drowning
in oceans of mediocrity, but the world was beautiful once and will be

If God is beautiful, then a standard for beauty exists. Beauty is not solely
in the eye of the beholder. We have a yardstick that measures beauty.
We can tell the difference between good art and bad. We can paint and
compose art that is objectively beautiful, and know it.

Beautiful1If God is beautiful, and God made you in his image, then you are made
for beauty. Don’t be satisfied with anything less. You have been created
for the One who is beauty itself.

If God is beautiful, and God loves you, then you are loved by beauty.
We desire beautiful people. We yearn to be with them, but they seem out
of our league. God is out of your league, yet he desires you. He gave his
Son so he could be with you. If God is beautiful, beauty wants you.


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