What If God Is Bigger Than My Failure?

Sometimes we think that God could not forgive us. If you knew what
I’ve done, and how many times I’ve done it, you would not glibly tell
me that I am forgiven. Jesus died for sinners, but you don’t know how
bad I am.

I agree. I don’t know what you’ve done and how many people you have
hurt. You might be the most wicked person you know. But if you think
that your sin is too much for God to forgive, then at the top of your list
of sins you must add the sin of pride.

Who do you think you are? Do you really think that lil’ ol’ you has done
something that is bigger than God? You might have really blown it this
time. You might have yelled ‘no’ at God and the people who love you
the most. But God in Christ roars YES to you. And God’s YES destroys
your puny, mousy ‘no.’

Do you know what happened on the cross? The Son of God endured his
Father’s wrath on your sin. God was punished by God. You are not God.
So yes, what happened there is plenty big enough to cover whatever you
might do. God can easily forgive you. He won’t even break a sweat.

God is not only not surprised by your sin. He was counting on it. That’s
why Jesus died! Have you committed a colossal sin? Don’t waste time
beating yourself up. Run to the cross. Run to Jesus.


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